MYTH: You just have a short life to live.

FACT: On account of the HIV medications that are currently accessible, truly numerous las vegas escorts can live for a considerable length of time with HIV and have an ordinary life expectancy. An escort or normal individual can avoid HIV from advancing to AIDS by paying regular visits to the doctor, taking the prescribed medications, and following doctor’s instructions.

MYTH: The symptoms of HIV show up early and tell you that you are HIV positive.

FACT: A few las vegas escorts and people don’t realize the symptoms of HIV for quite a long time, subsequent to being contaminated. On the other hand, many show various symptoms in about just 10 days to half a month after contamination. These first manifestations may include fever, swollen lymph nodes, soreness of throat, rashes, and muscle cramps. They are likely to vanish in the next half month and you might not have any signs again for many years. The best way to be sure of having or not having HIV is to get tested for it.

MYTH: There is a cure for HIV.FACT: There is usually no remedy for HIV, yet treatment can control infection levels and help keep up protect the immune system of your body. A few medications meddle with proteins as HIV needs to duplicate itself; others obstruct the infection from entering into hereditary material of your invulnerable cells. All HIV-contaminated las vegas call girls and individuals should begin treatment well in time. Your doctor can guide you the best about the medication blend that is best for you.

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